Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

I just realized... I seem to only post around holidays. I don't mean for it to be that way, I promise! I guess that means that I'm up to not much else the rest of the year. If only that were true. Since learning how to sew pillows with piping and zippers this summer, I haven't stopped! I finally got around to making pillows for my sofa with my eBay fabric and let me tell you what -- they look great! I'll post pictures soon.

But back to this Halloween post. We're currently experiencing some yucky Halloween weather, so trick-or-treating in our area has been postponed until tomorrow. Feeling excited that I had another day to get my porch ready for ghosts, witches, and ghouls, I quickly ran outside after school today and added a few things to the existing fall decor and voila! I'm ready for some trick-or-treaters! Take a look...

The mums, pumpkins, and cabbage were already on the porch as I've had my porch ready for fall for a few weeks now. Today, I added the BOO banner, changed out my fall wreath with my witch, added a witch's broom and even more pumpkins, and my favorite addition--the orange stripes to my planters! I just bought some orange masking tape while out buying Halloween candy and quickly taped the stripes onto my existing black planters. It was so easy and I'm loving the outcome! And the best part is, once Halloween is over, I can pull the tape right off.

The baby mums (as I call them) in the window box came from Lowe's awhile back for $1.29 -- great deal! Mums and pumpkins are my favorite part of fall so I put them just about everywhere. I even tried putting baby pumpkins in the window box! (It didn't look too hot...)

It's a good thing trick-or-treating was pushed back another day as I didn't have my treats ready yet. Last year, I found some free Halloween cellophane wrap at school; I snatched it up and knew just what I'd do with it--make Halloween treat bags. So after working on the porch, I got to work wrapping up the candy and this is what I came up with:

 {In each bag I added 3 chocolate candies + an eyeball gumdrop.}

Now this first house is officially ready for some trick-or-treaters!

I'll be back with some other fall-related posts and pictures, and after that -- a living room update! Happy Halloween!