Friday, June 21, 2013

Things To Do This Summer

In honor of it being the first day of summer, I've put together a little list of things I'd like to do [for fun] this summer. I've never created a list for my summer plans, but I love the feeling June 21 brings. I'm hoping that creating a wish-list will help make this summer very eventful. Sometimes I feel like summer slips by and at the end of it, I'm left wondering what I did with it.

Every year on summer solstice [the longest day of the year], I always want to do something fun, new, and outdoorsy to celebrate this special day and to kickstart a [hopefully] great summer! Here's to hoping a great summer follows this day, which I think I've determined is my favorite day of the year.

Summer 2013 Plans:
1. Go on a picnic
2. Host an outdoor meal with friends/family
3. String lights on outdoor patio
4. Catch lightening bugs
5. Go hiking at the Red River Gorge [I've never been!]
6. Go to the beach
7. Read a new book [I normally always read in the summers, but I've kind of dropped the ball on this one the past summer or two.]
8. Play tennis in the evenings [I'm pretty bad, so this one should be fun!]
9. Watch a movie outdoors
10. Attend an outdoor concert
11. Go to the drive-in
12. Attend one of the Kentucky Theatre summer classic movies
13. Make homemade ice cream
14. Go on a road trip
15. Go somewhere I've never been
16. Listen to Bob Marley [There's just something about Bob Marley in the summertime!]
17. Go to the lake
18. Try to get into yoga and Zumba [again!]
19. Go canoeing
20. Live in the moment -- be happy!

What are your plans this summer? I hope to make this the best summer yet! I'm kickstarting this summer by heading to San Antonio, tomorrow morning, for a teacher conference [somewhere I've never been! See number 15 above.]. I'll be gone for a few days, but plan to be back by the end of next week with some updates on some other projects on which I've been working.

Have a wonderful first day of summer!

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