Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How To Sew a Pillow with Zipper

In yesterday's post, I mentioned that I've been putting off completing this bench area of the kitchen for far too long! The kitchen renovation was completed in the beginning of July [2012] and I bought the above fabrics in September... Like I said, it's been a long long time! In all fairness, I initially bit off a little more than I could chew. I started with the bench cushion cover [the dotted material]. Kind of a bad move. That fabric is seriously thick and the cushion is fairly large, add that mix in with someone who has never made a cushion cover, not the smartest idea. Fortunately, for the bench, Austin, and me, I got through it! [To make the bench cushion cover, I used these instructions.]

I'm happy to report that the pillows, however, were much easier and more fun to make! So if you've ever considered making pillows, don't be afraid; it is a pretty basic project.

The steps I followed are as follows:
1. Cut the fabric for the pillows. My pillows were 20" x 20" [x2 pillows] and 12" x 18". I cut the fabric the exact same size as the pillow measurements. With a half inch seam allowance, my pillow covers will actually be 1" smaller [length and width] than the pillow form. The purpose is to have a slightly smaller pillow cover than pillow form so that the insert completely fills the cover and the pillow is nice and full.

2. Cut and sew the piping [instructions here]
3. Pin the piping to the fabric. Start the piping on one of the sides, NOT at a corner.

Cut fans [cut a few slits] at each corner. The sewing machine shouldn't make a 90 degree turn, but gradually turn.

Once the piping has come all the way around, overlap the piping [be sure to fold back that excess fabric that was left open at the beginning] and cut.

Pull the excess fabric over the cut, fold under, and pin down over the cut piping. [See pictures for clearer instructions.]

4. Sew piping to fabric.
5. Attach zipper. Place zipper right side down on fabric -- zipper will go directly over piping. Pin zipper in place, unzip, and sew using zipper foot. [Get as close to zipper as possible, without going through it.]

Close zipper and pin other side of fabric to zipper. [Right sides of fabric should be together.] Unzip and sew.

6. Making sure zipper is unzipped [otherwise, the pillow will be closed inside out!], sew all the way around pillow.

And there you have it! A pillow with piping and a zipper!

I'm so happy to have checked this project off of my list. This area is the first place I see everyday as I walk in the door and I'm loving the new look! Now I think I'll make some outdoor pillows...

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