Tuesday, June 18, 2013

How to Sew Your Own Piping

I'm embarrassed to say that I've been putting off this project [making some pillows for this bare bench area of the kitchen] since I bought this fabric last September. I'm so glad I finally mustered the courage to tackle this project, last week, as it turned out to not only be pretty easy, but actually fun too! Who would've ever guessed making some throw pillows would actually be fun?!

To start the process of making my pillows, I first needed to sew the piping. Piping adds such a nice finished look to pillows, and since it's so easy to make, I definitely wouldn't skip out on this step!

To make a 20" pillow, I used the following items:
1 yard of fabric
Coordinating thread
Sewing machine
20" pillow form
82-84" of welting

After cutting out the allotted material for the pillow, I cut 84" of fabric that was 1 1/2" wide for the piping. Because a bolt of fabric is only 54" wide, I had to sew two parts together to give me a total of 84" of fabric. So putting two ends together, right sides together, I just sewed a quick straight line, then ironed the new seam for less bulk when sewing:

Now I have 84 continuous inches of 1 1/2" wide fabric ready for the welting [cording]:

Next, I pinned the welting in the middle of my fabric, making sure to leave one end open about 2-4" [later, you'll see why to do this].

Using a zipper foot, I sewed as close to my welting as possible without sewing through it.

Making sure to leave one end open 2-4":

And there you have it! Just like that I made my own piping. Easy, right? 

I'll be back tomorrow with details on how I attached the piping and finished the pillow!

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