Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dreaming of Upholstered Headboards

I love upholstered headboards, I always have. My headboard in high school was upholstered and ever since then, it's been love. They're so much more comfy to rest your head against at night, and as I am a nighttime reader, I definitely take advantage of the plush, soft headboard. So when this first house came about, I knew that an upholstered headboard would one day make its way into the master bedroom. But, as many other homeowners can probably understand, it just somehow continues to fall down The List of things-to-do/buy. Darn money [or lack thereof, I should say]. So this is one of those "things" that I plan to accomplish this summer.

I never planned on upholstering my own headboard. That was definitely one of those things on The List that I had planned on paying a professional to do. But once I got a quote and mapped out my summer money [with all of the other things that I'm going to try to accomplish this summer], I quickly realized that paying $500+ for a professional to upholster a king headboard just wasn't in the cards budget. After doing a little bit of research [and I mean a tiny bit of research], I think this is going to be one of those projects that I tackle, you know, DIY. Oh yeah... (As soon as I say type those words, I can hear Austin say, "But you already have so many other projects that you've started and haven't finish. Please finish those before starting another!" Sorry, honey. Life living with a scattered-brain, project hopping, ADD (self-diagnosed, of course) girl.]

I bought the fabric for the headboard a long time ago, September 2012 long ago. A store here in town was having a 30% off all in-stock fabric, so when I stumbled upon a low price version of the fabric I wanted and remembered I'd get 30% off of that already low price, I was sold. I picked up 5.5 yards of it and was on my way. It's a cream chenille fabric. Like this:

So here is the real problem with DIYing my own headboard. I'd always planned on putting this headboard in the bedroom (minus the tufting):

It is curvy, but not too curvy. And I love the two different lines of piping. That's what I'd always planned on doing -- piping on the headboard to create clean, sharp lines, instead of using studs. But since it looks like this is going to be a project I complete [Who am I kidding? I'll definitely be calling on my dad and Austin for help with this sucker!], I have no idea how to add the inner row of piping. Maybe a simpler headboard for this first-timer?

That's when I stumbled upon this guy:

Even though it has studs in it [which I'd prefer to not have], I really like it. The curves keep it from being too boring. The great thing about this headboard is that it should be fairly simple to upholster. The hardest part would definitely be tracing the curves on the board to cut. Maybe I can somehow come up with a plan to blend the two together...

So that's what I'm up to these days -- dreaming of upholstered headboards.

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