Monday, June 17, 2013

Buying Fabric on eBay

Yes, you read my title correctly -- I just bought fabric online [eBay] for the first time! I've always ordered fabric through stores, or bought in-stock fabric, and until last week, I'd never really even thought of buying fabric on eBay. I've been wanting a Schumacher fabric [if you're familiar with designer fabric, you know that Schumacher tends to carry a pretty hefty price per yard tag], Hothouse Flowers, for quite some time, but couldn't gather the strength to pay its price. I just want 2 pillows for the couch, so 2 yards would suffice, but when you're talking a $147/yard purchase, you just can't really seem to talk yourself into that one... At least I couldn't. So when I stumbled upon some Hothouse Flowers fabric on eBay last week and saw the price, I was floored! I quickly sent a message to the seller inquiring about the fabric's condition and everything else I could think of, and was very happy when she replied with a nice response the next morning answering all of my questions.

Here's to hoping it isn't too good to be true! [I did make sure she has good reviews -- she has almost 6000 reviews and is rated with 100% positive feedback.]

2.3 meters is approximately 2.5 yards [more than I even needed! Yay!], and as you can see, the US price was $97.83. Which makes this price per yard = $39.13. Talk about a major score! When I saw the initial price and that everything was in meters and pounds, I figured I'd get hit with an insane shipping price, but not too bad either = $45.47.

So my total ended up being = $147.26 [shipping included]. That's what I would've paid for 1 yard, if I'd ordered through a store, plus shipping! So, if all goes well and I get my fabric and it's in excellent condition [as the seller stated] and I don't get cheated, then this will be one of my best bargain finds yet!

I'll keep you posted with how it all turns out. Hopefully in a week or 2, I'll be posting pictures of this beautiful fabric in stellar condition... Fingers crossed!

[You can see the fabric with the pillows in my living room in this post.]

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