Thursday, June 13, 2013

Birthday Brunch

I love hosting parties! It's one of my all-time favorite things to do. Give me just about any excuse and I'll throw a party. Smaller gatherings are the best -- the get-ready process is much less chaotic and they give the host/hostess a chance to actually sit down and enjoy his/her guests' company. In 2012, my birthday fell on a Saturday so I hosted a very small brunch for my close friends in my home. I enjoyed the brunch and extra company on my birthday so much that I decided to have another this year!

[PS -- my birthday was back in April so these pictures are a bit overdue...]

I found these cute invitations at a local stationery store and since I planned on only inviting 6 friends, I didn't mind splurging a little on the invitations.

For the table, I used my mom's everyday china that she got when she and my dad got married in the seventies! [Yes, she still has all of it to this day! Goes to show you, the good stuff you register for can really last you a long time!] I hadn't seen it in years, but I'm so glad she recommended I use it. It is sweet, simple, and colorful.

The flowers were probably my favorite part; I never wanted them to die! I started working on the arrangement the night before the brunch with what I thought would be plenty of flowers... Turns out you need a TON of flowers to really fill a revere bowl! I only filled about half the revere bowl that night, so I made a quick trip to Trader Joe's the next morning and luckily they hadn't completely run out of the flowers I was using. I think I ended up using 2-3 packages of teacup roses, 3 packages of orange tulips, 2 packages of white tulips, and 1 package of the little purple flowers. 

The menu included spinach-egg nests with hollandaise sauce, fresh fruit, broiled seasoned tomatoes (topped with bread crumbs, parsley, and parmesan cheese), and cinnamon puffs. 

For drinks, we had fruit tea, coffee, and water, and lemon bars for dessert:


It was a great time with great company and a wonderful way to kick off the start of another year! A couple we are good friends with is expecting their first baby (a boy!) this fall. Austin and I plan to host a Baby Q [Get it?! BaByQ -- BBQ!] for them in a few months -- I'll share those details as that party gets closer! Until then, I have a lot more to check off of The List in our house! I just finished up one of those DIY projects [from way back when... here], so I'm off to clean up my craft room so I can start another. I'm trying really hard to not start new projects until old ones are finished... I'm trying, at least -- no promises!

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