Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Love: HGTV

What would I do without it [HGTV]?! I'm being completely serious. I love watching -- Jonathan and Drew Scott renovate run-down homes on Property Brothers and Buying and Selling:

Nicole Curtis "restore old homes to their former glory" on Rehab Addict:

David and Hilary battle it out on Love It or List It:

And [my new favorite!] Income Property where homeowners' mortgage payments are drastically reduced (and sometimes even eliminated!) due to the renting of their basement apartment:

These are only to name a few! Come to my house on any given weekend and you're guaranteed to see HGTV airing for hours on end.

Although I love all of the above shows, the magazine is probably my favorite. Have you read it -- the HGTV Magazine? Normally, I don't buy magazines; I love to go to the bookstore, sit, and read tons of home decor magazines. However, the HGTV Magazine is the exception to the rule. I anxiously await its arrival every month and I've yet to be disappointed! This month is no exception...

Starting with this fabulous color, Frosted Pomegranate by Behr, for a front door [granted, I am partial to red front doors!]:

I've seen this light fixture, from IKEA, many times, but never spray painted. I love the difference that little bit of gold is making! I really need to start whipping out the cans of spray paint whenever I want a quick fix to something blah; it's amazing what can be done with it!

HGTV Magazine featured their whole house. How charming and welcoming is the front of their home?! Nothing beats great curb appeal!  I really love the pops of red with the adirondack chair and flowers.

And last, but not least, I was so thankful for their notes on 51 different shades of gray. Considering that I'm thinking of repainting the living room and kitchen again, this should come in very handy.

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If you have yet to take a look at an issue of this magazine [which published its first issue in July 2012], you should definitely take a look. I promise you won't be disappointed! So there you have it -- my, no longer secret, love affair with HGTV! What would I do without you? :)

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