Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Living Room: Pillows and Paint Colors

Last week, I promised an update on the living room. I'm starting to feel better about this room, even though it's still pretty far from taking shape. The worst part about decorating, for me, is that I have an idea as to what I want the room to look like, in my head, but executing that "vision" can be difficult. I imagine pieces of a furniture I've never seen, so finding them [or something comparable] can be a challenge. When decorating a room, I quickly learned that you just have to start with something, anything. With each additional purchase for a room, you naturally find yourself moving in a direction which then leads to more purchases. My other problem is how slowly I go. I just can't seem to help it. It's due to a combination of budget restraint and indecisiveness. I don't like to go blow a ton of money, in a week, just to be able to say "It's done!" And as for being indecisive -- I hate it! I put so much pressure on myself with each buy, that it makes the process, at times, unenjoyable. My decorating goal for 2013 -- yep, don't know if other people have these, but I'm adopting one for this year -- is to just do it and to take risks. If I like something, I need to get in a better habit of just buying it. Chances are that if I like something enough to buy it right then and there, it'll work with what I have. The other part of my new goal is to take risks. This goes hand-in-hand with the former part; if I'm ok with taking risks, I'll do a better job of going with my impulse and just buying/painting/creating something.

All of this is just me rambling on and on about my thoughts of decorating. I've had a rather frustrating day with it -- trying to find end tables for the sofa! Ughh -- end tables have become the bane of my existence! At one point during the day, I was seriously considering making my own end tables. Literally. Not kidding. I thought to myself -- I'll just go to Home Depot and get the stuff to make my own end tables; my dad can help me! Luckily, for both my dad and me, that thought was short-lived.

Anyway, I need to move on... Onto what I do know about my current decorating status. I've purchased some pillows for the living room, and have picked out some fabric to order to have additional pillows made for the sofa. Take a look:

The floral fabric [furthest left] is the fabric I plan to order and have large pillows made in it. I'm thinking 22" pillows would be nice. The gray/white ikat fabric [sample laying flat] is going to be on a chair in the room. I've already purchased it [from Adel é], through special order, and am now just waiting to have it reupholstered. The other two pillows [greek key trim pillow and graphic pillow] were purchased here, in town, from For Friends. They were my "direction" purchase. I saw them, not sitting side-by-side I might add, in the store, and knew that they would work well with the ikat fabric I wanted to use for the chair. Once I purchased them, things have been very slowly falling into place.

{Don't they look great together? I love orange -- definitely one of my favorite colors!}

Here comes the worst part... I'm back to paint colors. No joke! Once the sofa was delivered, I knew the paint color was going to need to be changed -- Cameo White [BM] just doesn't go with the gray undertone of the sofa. So now I'm going through shades of gray. I picked up a few swatches at Benjamin Moore, today, but am going to wait until I've made a little more progress in the room before deciding on one. No more picking paint colors blindly! Honestly, I don't think I'll mind repainting -- I've grown a bit bored with Cameo White. It's too creamy and bland for me. Remember -- I'm taking more risks this year!

Here are some paint colors on my radar [as of right now]:

{Revere Pewter -- BM}

{Ashley Gray -- BM}

{London Fog -- BM}

{Plymouth Rock -- BM}

{Himalayan Trek -- BM}

As you can easily see, I'm currently leaning toward grays with brown undertones. Because I gravitate toward golds, oranges, and greens, I prefer the warmer grays to the cooler blue grays. But this could all change. I might not even end up with a shade of gray. All I know is that I'm waiting, this time, until I have more furniture, fabrics, and direction in the room before choosing a paint color. Let's hope I can wait that long!

Do any of you have as hard of a time making decisions when it comes to your home as I do? Please tell me I'm not alone! Normally I'd say picking paint colors is the worst decorating decision to make, but finding the right affordable end tables might just beat it... It's very likely that I will have a grudge toward side/accent/end tables [whatever you want to call them!] by the end of this.

End tables: 1 Camille: 0

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