Monday, February 11, 2013

A Valentine's Wreath

Having a home has taught me many things, one of which is my apparent love for all holidays. Before this "first house," I never gave much thought to all of the different holidays throughout the year. Sure, I've always loved the "big" holidays [Christmas, Thanksgiving, even Halloween] for their obvious appeal, but I never gave all of the other holidays much thought. In previous years, a pretty bouquet was the extent of my effort throughout the month of February. But now, I can't seem to resist doing at least something, whether big or small, for just about every holiday.

As a child, I loved Valentine's Day! I remember decorating a shoebox, every school year, to collect my valentines and anxiously awaiting to see what I would get! Since then, Valentine's Day just isn't as fun. This year, this apparent love I have for all holidays has spread to even this love-filled holiday. It all started with an Etsy find...

Even now, after making my wreath, I still love this wreath! [Sidenote: Let's see just how many times I can squeeze the word "love" into this post... Yes, considering this is love/heart month, it is still going to be my choice of adjective!] To be honest, I still kind of wish I had just sucked it up and bought it. I came sooo close so many times, but just couldn't stomach the cost [$80 for the wreath PLUS $17 shipping!!!]. Goodness gracious, I'm still recovering from Christmas! And as much as I'd love to hang this pretty thing on my front door, $97 could go toward many more permanent home fixtures/decor. I'm still telling myself that one...

Since I successfully talked myself out of spending $100 on a Valentine's wreath, I thought I would dip my hand into wreath making and see what I could come up with.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find the loose twigs to make a heart shaped wreath, so circle wreath it was. The other thing I learned about wreath-making is that your options are really limited in Lexington. Seriously, I could barely find any red/pink flowers, even though I was originally looking for berries -- forget the berries, I couldn't find any of those! With such limited options, I went with the most Valentine's-y flowers I could find: light and bright pink silk tulips and a red accent flower [all of which are faux]. This is what I started with:

{Frankie cannot resist tulips -- real or faux!}

To make the flowers easier to work with, I removed the tape around the "stem" and pulled the individual wires apart. It's much easier to work with one little wire of flowers than the whole bunch. [Make sure you have wire cutters whenever working with fake flowers! That wire is THICK!] Then, I just went around the wreath adding flowers here and there. 

Even though this may not be my perfect Valentine's Day/heart month wreath, it still yields the same results -- I have an appropriate wreath on my previously bare door. And can I just say, a home looks so much more welcoming with a wreath on the door! The best part is that this wreath only cost me a grand total of $45! Ya gotta love Hobby Lobby. In the spring, I plan to remove the heart ribbon bow and add yellow, orange, purple [think lilac], and white flowers to make it a spring wreath. So not only was the option much more affordable, I get to kill two birds with one stone. That's my kind of wreath!

I plan to spread the love in a few other places this week. Let's see what all I can get done. I'll leave you with a few more pictures of this project...

See what I'm saying -- a wreath just brightens a home right up! It's definitely helping to warm up this first house on such a dreary February day.

Love count: 12!

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