Monday, January 14, 2013

Late Recap: Christmas 2012

So I know I'm a little late in doing this, but before "officially" moving on into the new year (at least on this blog), I want to do a small recap of Christmas past. December turned out to be a very eventful and fun month!

ATT and I hosted our first Christmas party (as you saw in this post):
We picked up a new tradition to get in the holiday spirit.

{Image from Dream Home DIY}

Although, we didn't get through all 12 dates. We did, however, get through most, including buying Christmas pajamas and baking cookies:

I made/decorated my first garland EVER! This was in the dining room right beside the front entrance:

For the garland, almost everything came from Hobby Lobby: the garland itself (I used 2 garlands wrapped together since they're a little puny on their own); the red and white sparkly inserts; and the snowflakes. The ribbon (both the mesh and wired) came from a local store, My Favorite Things. And the peppermint inserts came from another local store, Old Kentucky Chocolates. 

I attended a wonderful Christmas lunch/get together at my mom's house: (more pictures here)

And I decorated, with the help of ATT, my best Christmas tree, yet!

That's the thing about first houses... You're starting out completely fresh which, just like everything in life, has its pros and cons. It's nice because you get to slowly choose things and gradually make decisions all on your own. But it's bad because you start with pretty much nothing! In 2011, my first Christmas in this house, I had nothing when it came to Christmas decor. I had some lights for my tree, but that's about it. I desperately wanted to buy, buy, buy tons of cute ornaments as I saw them in the stores that month. But I resisted and did the best thing... I made do with what I had that year and went shopping December 26th (2011) and bought tons of ornaments all half off (or more)! I was at our local Pier 1 at 8:00 am, with tons of other women I might add, to stock up on as many ornaments as I could. Literally, almost every single ornament on my tree is from Pier 1 last year. Like I said, best decision! And I think it turned out great...

{Red/white flowers from Old Kentucky Chocolates}

That's all for this (very late) Christmas recap. Next up, my new year house resolutions...


  1. ATT looks THRILLED about that picture in his pajama pants!

  2. You know it! Neither of us could take a normal picture that night. Awkward must've been the trend...