Thursday, December 6, 2012

And Then There Was (Overhead) Light

I'm happy to report that I'm one step closer to finishing the dining room! We finally have a light fixture hanging above the table -- hallelujah! This was such an easy project; I was just waiting for the "perfect" day, or rather when that DIY mood struck me, to complete it.

I had been on the lookout for the right light fixture for quite some time. I scoured through tons of stores and online stores and kept coming up with nothing and/or super high prices. So I decided to try an alternate route, Restore. I had a particular light fixture in mind, it was common, simple, and dated. These three things, I thought, would make it easy to find at a second-hand store, cheap, and an easy DIY project. I kept checking Restore and same thing, nothing! Around the time I gave up on that idea, Austin randomly decided to clean out the attic -- a room in which I've never even been -- and comes out with a fixture in a box and asked me if I wanted it. It had been left by a previous owner. Sure enough, it was the exact fixture for which I'd been searching.Tell me that isn't fate!

Here she is before some TLC:

Like I said, simple and common with a dated finish. The finish (hard to see in this photo) was a very shiny/reflective yellow gold. 

Now this is what she looks like after:

(Note: All of the following pictures were taken at night, so they don't have the best lighting. Now that it gets dark so early, I'm rarely able to snap pictures with good natural light.)

It's now antique gold and no longer has a reflection which is probably the best part about this small makeover. I'm also loving the shape of the bulbs. I haven't found the right shades yet, so the different bulbs add enough pizazz to keep it from looking unfinished.

To change the finish, I applied Rub'n Buff (Antique Gold) with my fingertip to all areas. If you haven't used Rub'n Buff before, I highly recommend giving it a try. It's so easy to use; the directions say to apply with a small paintbrush, but I've found that using my fingertips is much easier! You can buy it at Michael's. The best part about it is how small of an amount you need for a project. It didn't take much to cover the whole light fixture. A little bit goes a LONG way.

I've found with every additional substantial item you add to a room, you can't believe there was ever a time you didn't have it, and this quick project is no exception. Now that there is a light fixture hanging in the dining room, I can't believe we didn't have one until now! The ambiance it adds thanks to its dimmer switch is fantastic, or even just the additional light it provides. Seriously, I'm ecstatic! The dining room now officially feels like a true dining room. My hands are almost done with this room. I can't wait!

Happy Thursday, everyone. I, for one, can't wait for the weekend!

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