Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Christmas Party To Remember

Ok... That title just kind of came out. I guess it seemed to flow well considering I grew up in a generation of avid Nicholas Sparks readers. Remember, A Walk To Remember? I think I grew out of that phase around 16. Anywho, this post has nothing to do with Nicholas Sparks nor a memorable walk, instead I have pictures to share of the party décor from our first (hopefully annual) Christmas party!

As I mentioned in the previous post, I, unfortunately, forgot to take pictures on the actual night of the party. So in the following pictures, the table features zero food. Trust me, I'm really bummed that I got busy and totally forgot about the pictures until about halfway through the party when most of the food had been eaten. So I did my best with what I could -- I put all the glasses, wine, and ice back out and snapped a few lot of pictures.

I had no idea what my tablescape was going to be leading up to the party. Finally, on Saturday, I had some ideas in my head which included a snow blanket and snow flakes, and this is what I came up with:

I love that this room was leaning more toward a winter wonderland than the North Pole. Have you ever worked with a snow blanket/flakes before? It's super easy! I've used it in years past for a little Christmas village I put in my classroom around the holidays. The snow blanket comes with a small amount of glitter already rolled in with it. All you have to do is unroll the blanket, tear where there is too much, and pull and pinch to create a more three dimensional look. If you ever decide to use a snow blanket for any type of Christmas/winter décor make sure you also purchase the smaller bag of snow flakes -- they're almost always located right beside the snow blanket packages in Target. The flakes make the snow blanket look so much better; you only have to sprinkle it around the blanket. (Note: I'm sure Michael's, Garden Ridge, Wal-Mart, Big Lots, etc. carry both of these items -- I've just always purchased them at Target.)

Any Adelé shoppers probably recognize some of the other décor... I bought the three large glittery trees (above), three glittery snowflakes/balls (above), and the matching glittery candle (located on the beverage bar) all from Adelé during their stocking sale a few weeks back. The weekend following Thanksgiving (Friday-Sunday), you can draw a percentage (up to 30%) off of your purchase. Luckily, I drew 20% so I ended up buying a little more than I had planned and I'm sure glad I did! These items turned out to be so beautiful all together in the dining room. I got so many compliments on the candle!

Next up, the Christmas cocktail. I found this drink on Pinterest. Seriously, aren't you so glad Pinterest came around?! All the ladies loved this drink so much, many asked for refills. That's the hard part about champagne... I didn't have a pitcher of it made and ready for refills because champagne goes flat. Does anyone have a solution for that? While everyone loved the taste of the drink, I loved its festive appearance. Win-win, right? 

{Here's the recipe in case you're wondering}

The large mercury pineapple and white twinkle branches are from another local store, The Great Dames. I bought some faux greenery from Michael's and put it down in the pineapple for a more "rustic" look. I love how it all looks with the bamboo beverage table.

{Candle from Adelé}

If you ever need a large amount of cheaper wine and beverage glasses for a party, check out Target's selection. The wine/beverage glasses were right around $1/glass; they come in a set of 4. Great deal!

Unfortunately, I have no idea where the snow flocked tree is from. Like the bamboo table and other dishes, my mom lent this to me for the party. I love it so much I wish I could keep it!

That's all I have for the "staged" pictures. A friend of ours just emailed some pictures he took throughout the night, so I'll be sharing those later on today.

Happy Hump Day, everyone! :)

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