Tuesday, December 4, 2012

12 Dates of Christmas

To get in the Christmas spirit, Austin and I decided it'd be nice to make a list of things we should do together to really amplify the feeling of Christmas. A while back, on Pinterest of course, I saw something called The 12 Dates of Christmas. Automatically interested (I love excuses to go on dates!), I clicked on it and was redirected to the following blog, Dream Home DIY. Michelle had a great idea starting this 12 Dates of Christmas because that one single post has gotten over 150,000 page views! That number definitely includes me as I love her idea so much, Austin and I will be doing our very own this year. So without further ado, please allow me to announce our FIRST 12 Dates of Christmas!

{Image from Dream Home DIY}
  1. Pick out Christmas tree and decorate it
  2. Game night at home
  3. Dinner date -- out
  4. Christmas movie marathon with hot chocolate
  5. Bake holiday cookies
  6. Driving light tour
  7. Shop for Christmas PJs
  8. Christmas party with our friends (We're hosting our first this year!)
  9. Dinner date -- in
  10. Go somewhere new (local)
  11. Volunteer
  12. Ice skate downtown
One that is not on the list but is a quintessential Christmas date is opening gifts together. But I figured that one goes without saying.

So there you have it. Our very own first 12 Dates of Christmas! Just making the list brings out the Christmas spirit! I'm a little worried about our time frame; Austin is traveling for work quite a bit this month. Hopefully we can squeeze it all in!

Do you have an Christmas date traditions? Does this idea, The 12 Dates of Christmas, make you as gleeful and excited as it does me? Will any of you be doing it, too?

Throughout the month, I'll post pictures from our Christmas dates to share in the holiday spirit. I'll be back tomorrow with an indoor home-improvement project -- see you then!


  1. That's a great idea! I might have to steal it!

  2. Thanks! Although I can't take credit for the idea... You all should definitely do it, too! It's a nice excuse to take some time to celebrate the season.