Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall and Halloween Decor: Part 1

Now that it really feels like fall -- the weather, football, turtleneck sweaters (I wore my first one, of the season, today!), etc. -- I finally found the inspiration to do some fall decorating myself. I spent last week looking around at various stores, picked up a few things here and there, and finally put it all together this weekend... I must say, I'm very pleased with the outcome! This is the first time I've ever decorated the inside of my home for fall. This time last year, I had just finished unpacking all of my things from the big move into this house, so I wasn't even thinking about inside seasonal decor! Although I did manage to get some pumpkins and mums for the front porch:

{Fall/Halloween 2011}

(I know, I still can't get over what the front of the house looked like pre-paint job! Oh! And on a different note, I've also been up to some other "Front of the House Updates." I'll share those soon!)

This time around, I didn't even start with the front porch, which is unusual for me (I'm quite the sucker for pumpkins and mums). Instead, I was feeling so inspired by the inside seasonal decor I kept stumbling upon on Pinterest and other blogs, that I thought I'd step out of my comfort zone and try this inside fall decorating for myself. My main goal was to create a nice fall tablescape, one that could be left on the table through the month of November. That was where it all started and everything else just kind of fell into place after that... It's like the ball just kept rolling and I LOVED every moment of it! Seriously, I enjoyed putting this together so much that I even stayed up really late, one night, just so I could keep going! After the end result, I'm not sure which gives me more lasting satisfaction -- the way everything looks or just the feeling of accomplishment. It's funny how it's the little things in your home that can give you such pleasure and satisfaction. 

For the tablescape, I knew I wanted something that was more fall than Halloween. Like I said, I want it to be able to stay on the table through, both, October and November. So, without further ado, here is our tablescape. (Note: These pictures don't do it justice! It's probably due to my lack of skills with a camera and the fact that I just use a point and shoot camera and not a DSLR.)

Source List (Tablescape):
  • Leaf garland -- The Best of Flowers
  • Hurricanes -- Hobby Lobby
  • Moss -- Michael's
  • Wooden bowl -- already owned
  • Loose leaves in bowl -- Hobby Lobby
  • Votive candles (vases included) -- Hobby Lobby
  • Unscented large candles -- Target
  • Miniature white pumpkins -- Farmer's Market
  • Table runner -- The Gift Box

How do you think I did? Have any of you been creating fall centerpieces for your table? I love the functionality of this and its warm colors. I'm not kidding, I might never take it off! 

Come back tomorrow, for Part 2, to see all that's Halloween in our dining room!

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