Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Living Room Is Next

I hope you all had a wonderful Wednesday (I'm sure by the time I hit 'publish,' it'll be Thursday... Late night, again!).

On my list of things to blog about is a true house tour, room-by-room. I've realized that I've really only shared a very small part of the house with you -- dining room, kitchen, and outside. That's not much. So that is on my list to do in the upcoming weeks, so be on the lookout for that. With that in mind and to kind of get me moving in that direction, I thought I'd begin to make my way into the living room, both, for blogging purposes (you get to see it!) and the fact that it is need of some girlified TLC.

Here is the living room before (view from the old kitchen):

{Yes, that is spackle on the walls!}

Pretty manly, right? Yeah, I think so, too. The sectional, although extremely comfortable and great for lounging, is way too large for this room. As you can see, there is no leftover room for any other furniture. The dark paint color doesn't help the room feel any larger, either. So that about sums it up -- dark walls + dark/large sofa + dark carpet = not a good fit for this room/not girly whatsoever; hopefully, by now, you know I like girly!

So I did what I do best and seem to always do first (which is usually NOT the way to do it!), I painted the room. I always turn to paint to help me improve a room, mainly because it's cheap and a fairly fast change. 

Here is the living room, as of today, with a few fresh coats of Cameo White (the room was painted the week of the 4th of July), the same color in the dining room and kitchen:

{Frankie always has to make a star appearance!}
Somehow the room looks even smaller (and super bare!) with the light walls, dark couch/rug/TV stand combo. Once the walls were painted, it couldn't be put off any longer; we realized the couch really had to go. So it was listed and sold on Craigslist. I hope the family that bought it takes good care of it as this couch was truly a signature (not necessarily in a good way) piece of the house. How can selling a couch, then watching it be taken out of your house, be so sad?! Seriously -- it was so bittersweet! It's clear I get way too emotionally attached to inanimate objects. It felt like the end of an era... Ok, I really must stop!

Now that the new owners came and got the couch tonight, my old living room furniture, from my previous apartment, will be moved into the living room for the time being. Yes, everyone asks, "Why must you buy a new couch and all new living room stuff? Just use your old stuff..." But for some reason, which is difficult to explain, I just have a different vision for this room. And plus, the chair and ottoman that goes with this setup is happily being used in the master bedroom -- I chose the paint color, fabric, all of it according to that chair and ottoman being in there. So, although I'll temporarily allow for the chair/ottoman to be used in the living room, it's home is now in the bedroom -- 'nuff said.

Here are some pictures of my living room (the furniture I'll be moving into the current living room) from my old apartment: (You should spot some items I'm already using elsewhere in the house...)

So some things will not be placed in the living room with the old furniture, i.e. the mirror, side table, and lamp -- they're all being used in the now dining room. Who knows what will eventually happen, but as of now, that's my plan: live with this setup for a while, as I save up money, then slowly start phasing in new pieces of furniture.

That's all that's going on around this house tonight, living room plans, thoughts, and ideas. I'm working on my first decorating mood board, so if I'm able to get it the way I want, I will share it with you on Friday! 

Oh, and just because it was DELICIOUS!, I'll share the dinner I made tonight -- chicken enchiladas and guacamole salad! Seriously, one of the best dinners EVER! The guacamole salad has the best lime juice/olive oil vinaigrette...

{That's actually one enchilada cut in half -- the ones I make are big!}
Have a great rest of the work week. I'll see you on Friday! :)

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