Monday, August 6, 2012

The Living Room Has Begun

Once the super large (but comfy) leather sectional was sold (seen here), I really felt a kick to get moving on the living room. I still have all of my old living room furniture, from my previous apartment, so that's what is currently in the living room.

Here is the living room now: (but it will probably change -- give me some time to save up money!)

It's crazy how much larger the room feels! Well, I take that back; yes, the room does feel larger, but where you really notice the removal of the large sectional is when you're standing in the kitchen or dining room! The three rooms now feel much larger because they're more open to each other, with the removal of the old couch, which used to block off the entry into the TV room. 

[Note: The current setup of the living room is just making do with what I already had -- I didn't go out and buy anything new for it. So I realize that the lamp and some other things don't exactly look great in the room -- it's just a temporary setup.]

As you can see, there are lots of things to do in this room. I plan to eventually have roman shades and drapes made for both windows; have a cushion and pillows made for the bay window; and lots of other new things (probably a larger couch, smaller chairs, rug, etc. -- seriously, too many things to list). I plan on changing this room completely (minus the paint color, hopefully!). So rather than listing and describing all I want to do, I'll show you some pictures (from Pinterest, of course!) that are serving as current inspiration.

I love this couch, the drapes and the hardware, and the general color scheme of this room:

I'd love to use the little "dresser" I got from ReStore in a corner of the living room (if it'll fit and once I refinish it), seen here and here, to try for a similar look like this: (I really like the layered frames, candlesticks, and vase with hydrangeas!) 

I really like the idea of having two chairs side-by-side, separated by a small side table, for additional seating. I really like the style of these two chairs, but if I'm able to fit two chairs side-by-side, I'm pretty sure that they won't be able to be this large. But they're here for inspiration:

So the size of these two chairs might be possible, although they're pretty wide, too:

I have the following picture in this mix as I'm interested in trying the couch in front of the window. I wouldn't push it all the way up against the wall/window, but would leave some walking room behind, so I guess you could say it'd be floating in the room. The length it could add to the room, and therefore, the more space that would be become available, is very tempting. Take a look:

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These are just a few of the pictures I've pinned that are currently giving me lots to think about it. Trust me, I have plenty more! What do you think? I really love the first picture; that's probably the picture that is really inspiring me the most. Have you ever seen a couch somewhat in front of a window? I've definitely started seeing furniture in front of windows more often and, if done right, it can really look great! We'll see. I'll start playing with all of it soon.

If you'd like to start following me on Pinterest, my username is: acamilled. I'm always pinning home ideas! 

Happy Monday everyone!

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