Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I'm Back!

Where do I begin? It feels like it was so long ago since my last post, which I guess it really was a long time ago! It's crazy how much faster time seems to fly with each passing year. I feel like as soon as I get adjusted to one pace, it changes and I'm adjusting to a new one. I guess that's the thing about having a career in teaching -- my job has a true "start" and "end" each year. But for those of you that know a teacher also know that the work doesn't stop and start so precisely. The work creeps into your summer and then you find yourself freaking out and going back into the building to work four weeks before it all starts back. Which leaves you wondering... "Where did my summer go?!" Don't get me wrong, though, I'm very happy to have the breaks I receive as a teacher -- which is one of the many reasons I chose this career.

Enough about that; I'll be sharing all sorts of teaching things with you in my next post. For now, I just want to fill you in on what I've been up to these last three or so weeks...

As you already know, from this post, my mom, sister, and I threw a baby shower for my other two pregnant sisters. We were working, literally, right up until the guests started to arrive (even after they'd arrived actually), so I forgot to snap some before pictures of the setup... Major bummer as it was super cute! My mom does parties, truly, better than anyone I've ever seen. Seriously, magazine worthy parties... Here's the one and only picture I did remember to snap:

I've also been up to some rearranging, going from this:

To this:

I really like the new layout. It makes the room feel so. much. bigger and wider! It took a lot of people some time to come around to the couch being in front of the window. But my thought is if it's not high enough to actually block the window, it'll work. I haven't been able to get this kind of space with any other layout. On a different note, ignore the furniture. I've been couch searching and I might have found a promising one -- fingers crossed! I also just placed the ottoman over there to show that another chair could easily fit there. And yes, I realize the walls are TOTALLY blank. That's the way I wanted this room to be, a blank canvas. Pretty much all of the furniture, minus the side tables and possibly TV stand and coffee table, won't be staying in this room -- they're only temporary until I buy the permanent furniture.

Since the living room is a large/looming over my head kind of project, I thought I'd go ahead and make it its own nice To-Do List:
  • Buy/make roman shades for all 4 windows (bay + side window)
  • Hang curtain panels on sides of bay window
  • New rug
  • New sofa
  • Buy 2 chairs 
  • Hang artwork/pictures/prints
  • Buy any type of accessories -- coffee table books, new picture frames, knick-knacks
  • New lamps
  • New light fixture -- the white (with a tiny tint of blue) fan with the three lights has got to go!
  • Possibly new coffee table (total maybe/maybe not... I'll just have to wait and see)
  • Possibly painting the wall behind the TV a different color, making it an accent wall
  • And any other things I run into as I start this project...
I'd love to fit a bookshelf, narrow but maybe tall in here. Or maybe do something different to house the TV... I'm not sure what it'll end up looking like, but I'm so in the beginning stages that there is one thing I know -- it's going to take me quite some time to get a lot of these things checked off the list as it's going to require spending some money. I've never really tried to set a budget for myself (for decorating a room), so maybe I'll do that. Set a reasonable budget and see if I can decorate this entire room while staying within my budget -- I think I can do that... I think. My previous experience just includes me buying things as I find them and if it has a high price tag, I just wait, save up some money, then go buy it. I think the budget route is calling my name -- strict budget, too. It'll make me get more creative if I'm limited! Watch me blow most of my budget on a couch...

Any of you have any budget tips or tricks? For example, I wonder what percent of your budget a decorator would recommend the sofa being... 40%?? I have no idea! Let the research begin! I'm sure Google will point me to some template I can use. If I find a good one, I'll share it.

In my next post, I'm going to share lots and lots of pictures of my new classroom. Until then, here's a sneak peek! 

{That's our school theme this year -- CKS students are learning to be the light!}


  1. I found your blog a few weeks ago when Adele boutique posted on their facebook. I've loved watching you transform your house into a home. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with your living room!
    Oh, we have a mutual friend in common too - Melanie Mauer :)

    1. Hi Elizabeth! Thanks so much for the kind words! Yes, I've seen your work through Melanie's pictures; your parties look so wonderful! I love Adelé -- I've bought all of my fabric (and the current rug in the living room), along with other little things from there. I'm so glad you found my blog through their post! I hope you keep reading along -- I'm curious, myself, what the living room will end up looking like! Thanks, again! :) -- Camille

  2. I can't wait until I come home and see the house and YOU! When I do come home, you better block out a huge chunk of time for me! Who else is having a baby? I see blue, is someone having a boy???

    1. Haha -- sounds good to me! We're definitely going to need to get our fix of each other as we're way overdue for it! Yes, both, Megan and Elise are having baby boys -- take that back... Megan had a baby boy last Thursday! Elise is having a boy, too, in the beginning of October, if he doesn't come sooner! The number of boys in our family is now growing!