Wednesday, August 8, 2012

An Official Timeout

Ok, I'm just going to have to break down and say it -- I cannot keep up with posting and the craziness which is my current life, so I'm taking a timeout. I will NOT post again until Monday, August 27; that's 2.5 weeks from now. I really just need to take some pressure off of me, and this, unfortunately, is the solution. As soon as I publish this, I'm off to making some curtains for my classroom. I have some big final projects to finish for my room, but after that, I should be ready. On top of getting my room and lesson plans ready for the first of school (which is exactly one week away -- ahh!), I'm hosting, alongside my mom and sister, a baby shower for my two other sisters, whom are BOTH pregnant, this Saturday, at my house! What can I say... I tend to overbook myself! So I'm counting on my life (and home projects, too) to get back to normal once school settles in and I'm acquainted with my new job. Hopefully, I'll be adjusted within a week or two and can get back to decorating the house! Trust me, I can't wait to really tackle this living room... Get ready -- I've got loads of ideas; and this way, I'll be able to save up some money over this "break," too!

See you all Monday, August 27th! :)

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