Thursday, July 5, 2012

Update: To-Do List

I hope you all had a fun and restful holiday! It's back to business at this house... I posted the dreaded to-do list, here, back in June; now that this holiday week is more than half way over, I thought I'd revisit it to see what we've accomplished (and have not accomplished). Here it is:
  1. Stain deck
  2. Stain fence
  3. Clean baseboards
  4. Touch up trim
  5. Clean basement
  6. Clean garage
  7. Garage sale
  8. Paint the garage
  9. Paint front door
  10. New hardware on front door
  11. Paint new storm door (which I haven't even bought yet because I can't stomach spending $306 + tax for a storm door, right now. Thanks a lot Lowes! Lowes is to blame for this delay, not me!)
  12. New hardware on storm door (why buy this if I haven't bought the actual door itself, right?!)
  13. Buy light for dining room
  14. Hang light in dining room
  15. Clean siding
  16. Make, plant, and hang window boxes
  17. Plant tree on front corner of house
  18. Paint bench
  19. Plant fillers in front pots
  20. Paint living room
As you can see, some things have been done, but quite a bit hasn't been done. What can I say, my laziness has really kicked in this week! Although, before I get too down on myself, the basement cleaning has, since, started today (thanks to Austin's non-laziness), and I've already bought the paint for the front door and bench. Having already purchased the paint for, both, the door and bench means that all I have to do, at this point, is sand both objects, then paint. I'm also getting ready to head out to Home Depot to buy the new hardware for the front door. AND, the garage sale doesn't count against us, yet, as that's not scheduled to occur until Saturday. So see, it's not too bad. With lots of things to do, I'm keeping this post fairly short so that I can get up and get going on crossing some more items off the list. I'll leave you with some current project pictures.

I stumbled upon this pretty, but worn (total understatement) thing at Restore recently. Her price of $45 was even better. After some TLC, I think it will look great (finger crossed)!

With a fresh coat of paint and a pop of color, along with the new cushion I bought at Pier 1, this will look better than brand new:

Last, but not least, the basement. With the construction in the kitchen, it's gotten so dusty (see the actual dust in the picture!). When they ripped out all of the flooring, down to the subfloor, they didn't clean the mess that was made directly below the kitchen. It's a good thing Austin is a great, efficient cleaner; I know I couldn't handle this alone: (Note: Please don't judge; I'm more than slightly embarrassed to be showing these pictures!)

I wasn't lying about the dust -- you can actually see it in the air in the above picture.

Somebody please tell me that this isn't too out of the ordinary! You've definitely seen  basements worse than this... Right?? Don't worry, once the job is done, I'll show some amazing after pictures, hopefully, along with some great organizational tips!

Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. Yes, other's basements look the same. Especially when you are renovating upstairs. David would go in our basement and say that we looked like hoarders. We are just now organizing our basement. Don't worry, you will get there!!! The house looks great!

  2. thanks, natalie! once we started cleaning the basement, it slowly, but surely, began to look like a normal/organized basement again. although, i'm still not done with my side... hope you're doing well!