Monday, July 2, 2012

Project: Kitchen Reno (Part 3)

We're basically almost done! As you already know, we ran into some problems on Friday. Luckily, the contractor, along with some other workers, stayed until about 8:00 so that the problems could be "fixed" (meaning until they could come back on Monday and actually fix them for good). The space issues were in this corner:

As you can see, the dishwasher, cabinet/drawer, and fridge are all a little cramped. So we had to remove the drawer; there was no possible way, even with the removal of the pull, that it would be able to function. It gets caught on the dishwasher, and won't even open. I've come up with a way to make the space functional, but I'm not going to share that until I'm certain that it can be built. They are going to work on the cabinet door; as of right now, it can only open to about a 50 degree angle. Then, because of the fridge, the dishwasher will not open all the way. They have a plan to get the fridge further back into the wall, so that the dishwasher clears it and opens.

After all of that is fixed, there are just a few, small electrical things to take care of, along with putting the lazy susan together. Once those items are checked off the list, we're done! 

Now that I've explained all of that, let's get this show on the road. Just as a reminder, I've included some before pictures for comparison. Here they are, the much anticipated after pictures:

My now favorite part of the kitchen (sorry, I forgot to remove the sponge!):

How awesome is that sink?! (This picture does not do the size of the sink justice -- it's much bigger/wider in person.) And I can't get over the new faucet -- I bought it on Amazon for a steal!

Now the kitchen feels like one big room, with this wall tying it all in:

The floor-to-ceiling pantries provide more needed food storage, and the bench is a great little nook for the kitchen. I plan on making a cushion and pillows, for the bench, soon, to make it cozier. On my down the road to-do list, I plan on putting something in the center, along with maybe stenciling or painting stripes... Hmm.. All food for thought.

And just for fun, here are a few more pictures...

I plan on painting the little bit of walls, in the kitchen, BM Cameo White, just to bring some warm hues into the kitchen. Eventually, I'll make some great roman shades for, both, the window and door. But all of that can wait, as I just sit back and enjoy this beautiful new kitchen!

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