Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Potting Succulents

I'm sorry I'm late posting this one. Like I said, last Friday, I am posting on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays due to my life being a little hectic trying to get ready for the start of a new school year! If I'm ever late, check back; I promise to have something for you, at least, these three days of the week. If I can ever squeeze in some more, I will! Now onto my next project...

I try to change gears, every so many posts, by stepping outside for inspiration. For this next project, it was randomly put together due to the desire to plant succulents and stumbling upon some at my neighborhood Walgreens (how random is that?!)! I have been wanting to plant them for quite some time, but had yet to find a place to buy them. Now don't get me wrong, I'm sure there are plenty of places, in Lexington, that sell them; I just wasn't purposefully going out of my routine to find them. It was more-so just something I'd like to do, but didn't think I'd actually get around to it.

Well, that all changed when I just happened to be at my regular Walgreens, picking up some citronella candles, and there they were -- inexpensive, ready-to-pot small succulents! Their price was even better -- $1.49 for the small ones and $3.49 for the larger ones (they were on sale!). I had seen some at the new Trader Joe's, but they were already potted, and therefore, more expensive. Just to make sure I would have everything to complete this project, I went to Target to find some pots; the ones I bought are from the Smith & Hawken line at Target.

With the pots in tow, I headed back to Walgreens to pick out the succulents -- I wanted my pots so I could try out different arrangements right there in the store. Next, I had to buy a special potting soil. I bought a particular potting soil, at Home Depot, specifically made for succulents; they need a fast draining soil as you don't want them to ever sit in water. That's what I've learned, so far, about planting succulents -- when in doubt, don't water, as too much water is bad! (I've never used this potting soil before, so I'll let you know, in a few weeks, how they're doing!)

Here is a picture of all the materials used for this project: (Forget the gloves, they were pointless! I managed to plant the succulents without ever touching the cacti; if you can't do that, I would suggest rubber gloves -- the cacti go straight through the cloth ones!)

Next up, I went ahead and placed each plant with their pots, like I did at Walgreens, just to make sure I was using the correct arrangement. 

After taking the succulents out of their pots, I filled the pots with the special potting soil to about 3/4 full, then planted. Once the succulents were planted, I filled the remaining space with potting soil. 

This is my first time potting succulents, but I must say, I love them! They're supposed to be good, hardy plants, so I'm hoping they last me a good long while. I like that it's something different out on the back patio!

{I love the green/blue/pink color of this one flower -- I think it's so pretty!}

I placed the large pot on the outdoor kitchen countertop:

And the two smaller ones, between the new outdoor lounge furniture! I bought all of it, just the other day, at Home Depot -- it's from their Martha Stewart Collection. I'm not going to lie, I seriously love Martha Stewart's collection at Home Depot! One of my upcoming projects will involve some of her specialty paint! You'll have to wait for that one, though...

I'll be back, on Friday, with a recent second-hand purchase that was a major score! It's jumped to the front of the project list!

See you Friday!  :)

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