Monday, July 30, 2012

My Apologies

I know, I know -- I've been so bad, lately, about posting! I swear it's not because I don't want to post; it's because I seriously haven't had any time to post! With the start of the school year, literally, just around the corner (two weeks!), I've been in full-blown school mode. And that's the other thing... I could probably find the time to sit down and write a post (I'm obviously doing it now), it's the subject that is missing. My school mode is robbing me from my house projects, which are what I need to write -- projects. After all, this is a blog about house-related projects.

I'm really hoping, after school starts back, that I'll be able to readjust my current routine into a more DIY project friendly routine. I guess only time will tell.

But to keep you somewhat in the loop, and not totally abandon you, I wanted to take a breather from my day, which has somehow creeped into my night, and show you what I'm talking about. That this "school mode," I'm referring to, isn't just some over exaggerated excuse I'm using to hide laziness. Today, for example, I've been working on the bulletin boards in my new room. Now, keep in mind, that I've already stripped the old staples, paper, and border from the bulletin boards and reapplied my new, pretty paper and borders. Today, I've literally just worked on the letters for ONE bulletin board. I'll stop rambling and just show you...

{You can see the letters I've already cut out (yellow and colorful stack), along with my always curious and ready-to-help helper, Frankie}
Yep, on top of babysitting all day, I (and the two children I watched), cut out all of these letters. We did use a letter-cutter (I'm sure that's not the correct term, but it's what I'm calling it since I don't know that correct term), but still, we had to cut colored paper into little squares, then cut each letter. Oh, and that pile of green letters on the white paper (top-center of photo), yeah, that was my longest rule cut and ready to laminate... Turns out, I forgot my bulletin board paper is lime green, so the words pretty much just blended in with the background. Talk about frustrating! Now the fun really begins as I have to cut. out. each. letter. Any takers?! Yeah, that's what I thought.

So see, I'm not making it up! Once my classroom is done (and that's not far away!), I'll share pictures and information on my new position with you!

As I'm cutting out laminated letters, finishing bulletin boards, and figuring out all the ways I'll use our new iPads in the classroom (!!), this is what I'm daydreaming of...

Yes -- this is that great find I hinted to on Wednesday. We picked up this in-great-condition storm door at Cowgirl Attic, here, in Lexington for $85! I've been wanting a wooden storm door, with glass panels, for the front door for quite some time. The only reason for the delay in purchasing it was due to the price -- $306 + tax. As I mentioned here, I just haven't been able to muster the courage of spending that much money, not right now and not with all the other things I want... So that made this find amazing! I do realize it doesn't have the glass panels, like I'd wanted. But for a $235 price difference (including tax), I'll get over it!

So this is just waiting for me, in the basement, calling my name, begging for some TLC and a few coats of paint. I know it will look 100X better than the current storm door, seen in this post... Don't you feel that confident, too? I also have something I'm going to try, with the front door, but I'm not going to share just yet, as it might turn out to be a total flop! (Don't worry, I'll still share the flop, if it happens, with you -- I just don't want to hype it up and then it flop... Makes it a lot worse, don't you think?)

This is another project just waiting for me to gather the time to tackle, which I shared here:

I have big plans for this one, if I can ever get to it. And if I can make it look the way I envision it...

So, as you can see, I have lots on my mind and high hopes, but, at the moment, just not enough time in the day. If you can bear to stay with me, over these next two-three weeks, I'll be back up and running full time. Until then, I'm posting as I can; more so, as I have subjects to share. I don't want to completely bore you with tons of "filler" posts; hopefully, this one doesn't qualify too much as that!

Back to the storm door -- what do you think? Do you think $85 was a deal like I do?

Happy Monday (night), everyone!

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