Monday, July 23, 2012

An Easy Saturday Brunch

This past Saturday, a good friend of mine came over for brunch. He had never seen the house before, only through this blog, and we were way overdue for some quality catch up time. Because I'm not exactly your normal girl, when I think of the word "brunch," especially in my home, I can't help but to think of something girly and special... As I often have to remind Austin, this is what you get when you date a girly girl (don't worry, he totally likes it!). So this meant that, with brunch being held here, of course I seized the opportunity to make it a little special.

I had been eyeing a coffee/tea set at The Mouse Trap over the past week. I, originally, wanted to pick it up the day I saw it, but decided to wait on it and think it over BEFORE purchasing it to see if it was something I'd really use. That's my policy on just about any purchase; if I see something I want to buy, I make myself walk away and think it over for a few days. This is to make sure that it's not an "impulse buy." If, after a few days' time, I still want it badly enough to drive back to the store, and they still have it, I buy it! Now that a few days had passed AND I had a reason to buy a tea set (I was going to have a [very tiny] brunch in my house!), I went back to The Mouse Trap, credit card in hand, and bought it!

With the necessary materials purchased (yes, I consider "necessary brunch materials" to be more of the dishes and decorations, than the food -- I told you, I'm not exactly normal/practical in my thinking...), I planned the "menu" for my first little brunch. I have hosted a brunch, in my home, before, but not without my mom's help. This would be my first brunch, with the only help coming from my mom being that I borrowed a few of her things, so I needed to keep it fairly simple and easy for me to pull off.

For the food, I decided to keep it very simple. I knew that I wouldn't want the stress of getting up and cooking food (and it possibly getting cold), so I went with lox (I just buy smoked salmon, so technically not lox) and bagels, fresh fruit, and coffee. It was the perfect amount of food for three people -- light, yet delicious! This also meant that the only food preparation would be toasting some bagels and slicing fruit. Easy peasy!

The entire prep time for this brunch was maybe 25 minutes. The following is all I did for the brunch:

  • tablecloth over the dining room table (only because it scratches easily)
  • doily on a silver platter for the coffee, creamer, and sugar
  • arrange flowers in small, simple vases
  • smoked salmon, capers, red onions, and cream cheese on a plate for self-serve
  • toast plain bagels
  • coffee into teapot
  • colorful, fresh fruit (cantaloupe, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, & blackberries) in large bowl
That's all I did. Now I'll show you some pictures and you can decide, yourself, how you think I did. Keep in mind, I wanted it to feel a little more special than just coming over for some breakfast food and coffee, but yet simple and easy for me!

{This is my favorite picture!}

My goal wasn't to have some big, elaborate brunch; I just wanted to serve light food and coffee, but with a special feel to it (and a little girly, too!). How do you think I did? I think I did pretty well considering I'm still building my collection of serving pieces and did not put much time into it! When I look at these pictures and think of my love for coffee/tea sets, tea time, etc., I'm convinced I must have been British in another life! I'm not kidding... 

A plus of hosting anything, whether big or small, is that you'll usually buy flowers for the event, then you get to see them throughout your house over the next few days! As you can see, below, I left these three vases in the dining room:

And put the smaller one, on my vanity, in the bedroom:

I love having flowers on my vanity! It's my second favorite spot for fresh flowers, next to my dining room table.

On Wednesday, I'll be sharing some great succulents and their new pots, along with some other outdoor updates!

Happy Monday, everyone!

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