Wednesday, July 18, 2012

All About the Curb Appeal

As you already know, I've been working on some outdoor projects, specifically for the front of the house. On Monday, I talked about what a hassle painting the front door was proving to be... But luckily, I was able to finally get that nice, solid coverage I obviously wanted. I mean, call me crazy that I'd like a front door that doesn't appear to have a split personality -- bright and cheery on top, with a dark side underneath... No, thanks! A good coat of primer followed by two coats of paint did the trick! I'm not sure what went wrong the first time. I try not to rehash the whole ordeal, in my mind, too often; I'm only glad that it's finally complete!

I knew I wanted to paint the front door an organgish-red, but had yet to make the trip to our local Benjamin Moore retailer to agonize over tons of colors that pretty much looked the same. While reading this month's HGTV magazine, I fell in love with, both, a house (especially its front door!) and its story. Luckily for me, this house just so happened to be a small white brick house with black shutters AND an orangish-red front door! Right there, on the title page of the story, it said the door was painted PiƱata -- BM. I can't describe what a relief that was to not have to spend what probably would have amounted to a month just picking a darn paint color!

With the front door's paint color picked, I, then, shifted gears to the front "porch," if you want to call it that. It needed a small piece of furniture to make it not so bare. Austin bought this bench, on eBay, last summer, for a fairly good price.

But having spent the winter outside, it wasn't in the best of conditions. Considering the bench was free (for me, at least...), I knew with the right kind of lovin', it'd be great in front of the dining room window! So it got a fresh few coats of paint and a new cushion from Pier 1 (on sale to boot!).

Just for fun, here a few before, before and before pictures of the house, to document its ever evolving appearance:

That's right, you'd totally forgotten what the house USED to look like before it was white, didn't you?! I know I did...

Now here are the in progress pictures:

Did you check out that awesome mat?? I LOVE it! I actually just picked it up, today, from The Mouse Trap, here, in Lexington. Not only does it have oranges and reds in it, like the front door, the background is black, like the shutters, and I love the pops of pink! Seriously, I'm a sucker for cute outdoor mats! If I ever run into a cute one, I'll buy it, because sure enough, when you're looking for a great one, you won't be able to find it. It's just one of those things. And they get dirty pretty quickly, so I have a stash (currently, made up of 3!) down in the basement, to pull out for a fresh look, whenever I like. Like I said, complete sucker for them!

My new favorite thing, of all of these changes, is definitely the new hardware on the door! It's crazy how much of a difference it makes -- nice, new hardware always makes a door look more substantial.

It truly amazes me how as soon as I finish up a project or two, I'll come up with a few more to add to my list of things to do. For instance, I'm dying to change out the storm door for a new wooden storm door with glass panels. Unfortunately, I don't feel like paying for one at the moment, so I'm thinking of just removing the current one, for the time being -- I really don't like how it takes away from the door and its new color. I'm, also thinking of changing out the current pots, by the front door, for larger ones; the bushes are growing too fast! The list goes on and on... But for now, I just need to remind myself to step back and enjoy what's been done for the moment.

And don't worry, I'm too in love with my new mat and cushion to let them stay outside in this rain and get ruined -- so I ran outside and brought them in before the storm!

Happy hump day, everyone! :)

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