Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Winning Design

Since I began posting about the big kitchen renovation, yesterday, I thought I'd share the new design. If we ever get there (it feels like it's taking FOREVER! Although, I think it really might be...), here is what the switch should look like:

Old Kitchen Layout

New Kitchen Layout

Side Note: Tonight is my first night playing around with Floorplanner [it's a great online program that allows you to use its software for FREE!], so I apologize if the pictures are not the best design layouts.

The new kitchen will feature many needed upgrades (some of which you can see in the above pictures):

  • All new stainless steel appliances
  • Granite countertops
  • Removal of the peninsula
  • Switching of the stove and fridge (so there is workspace on both sides of the stove)
  • New single bowl, stainless steel sink
  • Butcher top island
  • We're, also, removing the lovely laminate flooring (see yesterday's post), so that hardwood floors can be throughout the entire kitchen
  • New chrome hardware and faucet
  • Recessed lighting throughout kitchen
  • New pendant light above sink

The actual room, itself, is large, but never quite felt that way due to the dividing floors (half hardwood, half laminate) and peninsula, all of which really blocked it off from the rest of the room. Since, both, the peninsula and laminate flooring would be removed, we wanted to take advantage of the available space and make the entire room feel like one large kitchen. Lengthening the cabinetry, on the now stove side, and adding an island will help to accomplish an open feel. Also, to tie the smaller wall (opposite sink) in with the rest of the kitchen, we decided to add two floor-to-ceiling cabinet pantries connected by a bench, providing even more storage with pull-out drawers. You can see my poor attempt of drawing this in the above layout. 

Hopefully, our plans will translate well into our new kitchen and not be too crammed! I guess we'll just have to wait and see... We're hoping they make a lot of progress on our kitchen this weekend; if they do, I'll be sure to post pictures!

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