Tuesday, June 19, 2012

There's Always More "To-Do..."

I mentioned, yesterday, how we always seem to be doing something on our house. And with a kitchen renovation currently underway (I'll share more on that tomorrow!), our to-do list keeps growing and growing and growing. I can't decide if we're just gluttons for punishment or if our house really needs this much work... Or is it possible to just really enjoy improving your home this much?? Surely not. Whatever the cause, we have lots on our list of things to do, and we plan to check the majority of these items off the week of the 4th. It's almost starting to feel like a race -- can we do it? As productive as Austin may be (seriously, he has the highest levels of productivity I've ever seen!), this is going to be a challenge, even for him. We plan to tackle the list together, so that will definitely increase our odds of a successful and timely finish. As we complete some of the items, I'll share the newly finished product here, with you all.

(The Dreaded) To-Do List:

  1. Stain deck
  2. Stain fence
  3. Clean baseboards
  4. Touch up trim
  5. Clean basement
  6. Clean garage
  7. Garage sale
  8. Paint the garage
  9. Paint front door
  10. New hardware on front door
  11. Paint new storm door
  12. New hardware on storm door
  13. Buy light for dining room
  14. Hang light in dining room
  15. Clean siding
  16. Make, plant, and hang window boxes
  17. Plant tree on front corner of house
  18. Paint bench
  19. Plant fillers in front pots
  20. Paint living room
Now do you see what I'm saying? Just typing that list makes me have my doubts... Is a list this long normal? Someone please tell me so I can either feel better about us and our house; or please save me from this if it's absolutely crazy! Taking all bets...

Totally off topic, but I snagged this cute picture tonight and thought I'd share it. I'll be back, tomorrow, with more pictures of current house updates.


  1. Most productive person you have ever seen....quite the compliment