Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Project: Kitchen Reno (Part 1)

Where do I begin? Our kitchen has been in the hot seat of projects these past few weeks. When you're living in your first home, you're typically a young professional which usually means, let me put it nicely, you're not exactly rolling in the dough. So you do what you can with what you have. And let me say something else, your best friend is a gallon of paint -- it's cheap! There's nothing else quite like it. If you need to at least feel like you're improving your home, but don't quite feel like dropping lots of cash, slap some paint on your walls and voilĂ , you instantly feel much better. Unless you end up hating the color... Don't worry, I've definitely done that a time or two, or three or four. But that's a whole different story.

So before we really even talked about updating the kitchen, I was tired of looking at color blocked walls. Here's the kitchen at the very beginning (sorry I don't have better/more pictures, I took these really quickly one evening):

{Wall opposite sink}

Isn't she a beauty? Yeah, that's what I thought, too. Oh, and please don't judge me by the lovely valence above the sink -- that came with the house, I swear! 

So I'd already put a cream color, Cameo White by Benjamin Moore, in the dining room and hallway, so now it was the kitchen's turn. Here it is with a fresh new coat of Cameo White:

This time, paint didn't give its magical touch. The kitchen didn't go from bland to glam, it just made it blend in with the other rooms. Which is what I wanted if nothing else, to just blend in. 

With paint having mostly failed us in this room, we decided it might be time for this house to get a brand new kitchen. So we hired a contractor and 2-3 weeks AFTER what was supposed to be our original start date, we cleared our kitchen and Project: Kitchen Reno began!

{I spy a curious cat}

{The amount of dust after only one day}

So there you have it. The very beginning of our brand new kitchen! It's not much more than just a start, but that's better than where we were pre-project: kitchen reno; at least, that's what I try to remember to tell myself every time I look at our kitchen. Expect lots of updating as it continues!


  1. i'm definitely enjoying reading about your renovation! absolutely love the picture of the dogs and frankie!

    1. thanks, mom! the kitchen seems to be at a standstill so we'll see what gets done over the next few days...