Monday, June 25, 2012

Project: Kitchen Reno (Part 2)

Now that the cabinets have arrived, everything seems to be rolling right along, so I'll have lots to share as they finish up this week! But one of the most exciting kitchen updates is complete and looks fantastic -- the new floors. As you have seen (here), there was a very noticeable divide down the kitchen floor, created by hardwood and laminate flooring. One of the big reasons we wanted to update the kitchen was this very ugly laminate -- it really needed to go! So that was one of our conditions with the contractor, they HAD to match the hardwood. I wasn't hearing of tile in the kitchen; I knew I wanted hardwood. And, boy, did they deliver -- it looks, well, you just have a look and tell me what you think...

Here's what I like to call "The Great Divide:"

And now, with "The Great Divide" no longer:


And I love this one -- it really captures how the floors now make the kitchen feel much larger, rather than dividing and, therefore, smaller:


  1. ugh I want to see the cabinets installed! The suspense is killing me!

  2. that should be coming VERY soon! and with the new cabinets post will be the granite, as they both should be completed/put in tomorrow! cross your fingers! if you still lived in lex, you would be over here right now -- the cabinets are all up, but the doors/hardware/molding/etc. are not done and tools are everywhere... but i can say this, i think it's going to look awesome!

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